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2021 Parkway Tree Planting Applications are OPEN


We need trees! Throughout our neighborhood’s parkways, many trees are being lost to wind and weather, sewer, water and gas repairs, Emerald Ash borer (see Save Our Ashes for more info), as well as old age, and we must replace them. Thankfully our neighborhood is up to the the challenge of planting new trees.

Everyone has a role to play, individual homeowners can request a tree for their parkway from the City of Chicago, but the wait is often years, not months. To fill this gap, we are taking collective action with our multi-year Tree Planting Project, by joining forces with Openlands.

We have the opportunity to once again spruce up our tree canopy as we partner with the Openlands Tree Grant Program. We hope to replace some of the older trees that have been lost to storms, age, or insect damage, and also add trees to open parkways. Through this program, we have planted more than 100 trees since 2013.

Homeowners, if you would like a tree planted in your parkway this coming Fall, please contact us at trees@ravenswoodmanor.com.

Or, if you observe an open spot in a public parkway that could use a tree, please let us know.

What You Need to Know:

1. Contact us at trees@ravenswoodmanor.com soon, but BEFORE July 15 .

2. Cost is $100. (RMIA will cover half the cost for seniors). This includes the delivery of the tree and the installation. The Openlands team of TreeKeepers supervises volunteers with the planting. We hope you can be a part of the volunteer group, but that is not necessary.

3. Agree to be home on the day of planting, if at all possible. If you cannot be home, the planting team will need access to water.

4. We need 20 trees to be eligible for Openlands to manage and oversee this project. If we meet this minimum, a date will be assigned for the planting.

5. The planting will take place on a Saturday in late September, October or early November. Once our project is approved by Openlands, we will receive our planting date.

For more information about Planting Day with Openlands and TreeKeepers, go to Openlands Planting Day page with FAQ .

Tree care recommendations from Openlands for those homeowners that receive a tree on their parkway. See their Taking care of trees page.

Past Planting Days

Thank you to everyone who has helped replace our lost trees and beautify our community. The Tree Planting Project succeeds through the efforts of so many, including:

● Partners with Openlands and Tree Keepers volunteers

● Anne Rozmin, Lorin Liberson, Linda Kagan and Deb Robinett – past project leads

● Ravenswood Manor homeowners who pay for and care for trees on their parkways

● Residents who volunteer their time to dig, plant and mulch the new trees

● Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association, Manor Garden Club, Horner Park Advisory Council, and

● 33rd Ward Alderman Rodriquez and City of Chicago Bureau of Forestry

Fall 2019 planting day was October 12, 19 trees planted, RMIA contributed $100 to assist homeowners

Spring 2019 planting, 6 trees at the south end of Manor Park along the alley by Horner Park Advisory Council and Openlands.

Fall 2017 planting day was September 23, 21 trees planted. RMIA contributed $600 to assist homeowners.

Fall 2015 planting day was October 10th, 20 trees planted. RMIA contributed $1000 to assist homeowners.

Fall 2014 planting day was November 15th, 14 trees planted. RMIA contributed $700 to assist homeowners.

Fall 2013 planting day was November 9th, 16 trees planted. RMIA contributed $800 to assist homeowners

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