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Design Guidelines Requested


Design Guidelines Requested

The RMIA Board voted on July 9th to send a research report regarding Ravenswood Manor to the Chicago Department of Planning and Development, in order for its staff to assess whether the area might be eligible as a potential Chicago Landmark District.

The Board also requested that City staff provide assistance to RMIA in developing design guidelines that could help guide future building additions and alterations in Ravenswood Manor, in the event the neighborhood decides to pursue local landmark status.

Once these guidelines are developed, they will be presented to Manor residents for their comments. In the interim, the RMIA Board asked City staff that no actions be taken by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to initiate any permit review procedures.

The desire for Manor-specific design guidelines was one of the major issues raised during the 17 block-by-block neighborhood meetings that were held throughout the Manor in May and June, following the April release of the landmark research report.

For more informational materials, please go to http://bit.ly/rmialdinfoand click on the menu bar at top left. If you have a question or comment, please send an email to landmarkdistrict@ravenswoodmanor.com or write a note to the RMIA Board at P.O. Box 25486, Chicago, IL 60625.

Last modified: 09/13/2020

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