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Fridays in the Manor — Free Book Finds


Chicago winters, amirite? There’s no better time than these cold, snowy weekends to curl up by the fire (or radiator) and fulfill your New Year’s resolution to read more. Living in Ravenswood Manor, you’re only a few blocks away from your choice of free books.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll visit one of the Manor’s half-dozen Little Free Libraries and neighborhood Free Book Stalls, and every Friday, we’ll share one of our finds on Facebook and Instagram. It may be a book we’ve enjoyed or one that looks like a good read. It could be a book we’ve left behind (as part of a Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering) or something completely bizarre. In which case, it may not be there anymore — we took it home because (thanks again, Marie Kondo) we know it will spark joy. 

If you’ve read the book and have opinions, please share them in the comments.

We’d love to hear about your book finds as well — https://bit.ly/3o3OEwZ takes you to a map of the six neighborhood Little Free Libraries and Free Book Stalls. 

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #ravenswoodmanorchi #neighborhoodbooks #freebooks #littlefreelibrary #fridaysinthemanor

Last modified: 01/27/2022

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