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New Neighborhood Designation Signs


This week the RMIA Park & Parkways committee successfully oversaw the installation of 25 new Ravenswood Manor neighborhood designation signs around the neighborhood. These signs replaced the few remaining rectangular Ravenswood Manor signs that were hung in 2016.

The new signs were designed with longevity in mind. They are smaller, lightweight, have mounting brackets in the center to anchor them more securely, and contain cut-outs for less wind resistance. Locations for the signs were determined by the committee and aimed at visibility across the neighborhood. Most intersections within the Manor have a new sign, and priority locations were determined based on foot and road traffic. Signs read “Ravenswood Manor” along the top curve and “On the National Register of Historic Places Since 2008” along the bottom. Below the central tree it reads “Est. 1909,” which is the date that the neighborhood was originally founded. To learn more about the original 15 model homes built in the neighborhood in 1909, please see the Harmon Model Home Tour page and related resources.

The signs were designed and approved by the RMIA Board to include the Ravenswood Manor tree, which can also be found on centennial home plaques and included on the previous signs. The signs were printed by Bishop Image Group and hung by Liberty Flag and Banner in accordance with the Chicago Department of Transportation’s Streetlight Pole Banner requirements.

Last modified: 10/12/2021

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