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New Ward Boundaries And Other Key Info For The Upcoming Municipal Election


With Chicago’s impending municipal elections, the RMIA is delighted to provide answers to some frequently asked questions:

What Ward am in?
New ward boundaries established in advance of this election essentially divide Ravenswood Manor between two wards. The north and east of the neighborhood are now in the 40th ward, represented by Alder Andre Vasquez. A southwest section of the neighborhood remains part of the 33rd ward, currently represented by Alder Rosanna Rodriguez Sanchez. See the attached map for the exact boundary lines.

When is election day?
The general election will be held on February 28, 2023. A runoff election for any race in which no candidate receives 50 percent or more of the vote is scheduled for April 4, 2023.

What positions are up for election?
Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Council, and Police District Councils are all up for election.

Can I vote early? How early?
Early Voting in all 50 Wards of Chicago will begin Monday, February 13, and run through February 28, 2023 (Election Day).

Where do I vote?
Any voter in Chicago can vote at any Early Voting site, no matter where they live in the city. Voters can choose whatever voting site is most convenient for them, including on Election Day. You can find the list of early voting sites here: https://chicagoelections.gov/en/early-voting.html.

Nearby sites include: 
-American Indian Center, 3401 W. Ainslie St.
-Budlong Wood Library, 5630 N. Lincoln Ave.
-Welles Park, 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave.

You can find Election Day voting sites here: https://www.chicagoelections.gov/en/your-voter-information.html

Can I vote by mail? 
Yes. To receive a vote-by-mail ballot, complete an application here: https://www.chicagoelections.gov/en/vote-by-mail.html

Police District Council? That’s a new thing, right?
Right. In July 2021, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance creating a new model for police oversight, accountability, and public safety. The ordinance creates two bodies: a citywide Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, with the power to advance systemic reform, and District Councils, which will be elected in each police district and work to improve policing and public safety in the district. The Commission and District Councils will bring police officers and Chicago residents together to plan, prioritize, and build mutual trust; strengthen the police accountability system; give Chicagoans a meaningful new role in oversight; and explore and advance effective alternative approaches to public safety. The city provides more info here: https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/depts/ccpsa/supp_info/district-councils.html.  

What will my ballot look like?
To preview your current ballot, visit the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners: https://chicagoelections.gov/en/home.html.

To learn more about the candidates on your ballot, consider some reliable, nonpartisan informational sources such as www.ballotready.org and www.Ballotpedia.org.

Last modified: 01/17/2023

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