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RMIA Annual Meeting — October 12, 2021


Join us for the RMIA’s annual meeting on October 12, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. CT — click here to sign-up for the virtual meeting (we are keeping these virtual until the pandemic recedes). This is a great opportunity to meet your local neighborhood organization, vote in our new board members, say goodbye and thank you to some old ones, and share all the exciting things we are working on. We’ll also hear from Congressman Mike Quigley with an update from his office.

With respect to the RMIA board composition, the board currently consists of twenty one board members. Thirteen of those have one year remaining on their terms. Four (key) members will be up for re-nomination at the meeting (Rob Lott, Mina Marien, Alan Mueller, and Cynthia Mueller), four members are leaving the board and will be greatly missed (Maggie D’Alessio, Brinda Gupta, Patrick Johnson, and Jim Peters), and two proposed new members will be up for nomination (Tony Greif and Renata Jasinski Laszuk). That would result in a nineteen person board for the upcoming year.

The board wants to sincerely thank the outgoing members, all of whom have worked extremely hard to better the neighborhood over many years — these will be big shoes to fill, as we can explain at the meeting!

With respect to the two proposed new members, they bring skillsets that the board believes will be extremely important (and that the nomination committee sought out). Tony is an accountant by training, has been on the RMIA audit committee (which requires outside members), and has been attending meetings already as a result. He is expected to take over from Craig Pierson as Treasurer (much to Craig’s relief). Renata has an extensive background in communications and media, and is expected to be a key member of the communications committee. Their Bios follow:

Tony Greif – Moved to Ravenswood Manor 2020 Summer • Is an accountant • Is on the current RMIA accounting audit committee as a community member • Attends monthly meetings • Quote: “We (Tony and his wife Heidi) really love the neighborhood and I have been looking for ways to get more involved. I’m an accountant so hopefully the role is a natural fit.”

Renata Jasinski Laszuk – Communication Committee – 10-year Ravenswood Manor resident • Media/Web Producer, Content Strategist/Manager • Completed the Second City writing program, currently a sketch and humor writer, winner of the Second City Mary Scruggs Works by Women Festival • Wants to provided her needed communication skills to serve our community • Quote: She “believes communication should inform, engage, and, if possible, delight (but the dream is to bust a gut.).”

Assuming the foregoing is approved, the RMIA board will consist of the following nineteen members for the upcoming year (Bette Rosenstein will remain as President for one more year):

(1) Tony Armour; (2) Doug Farr; (3) Andrea Gatewood; (4) Matt McClintock; (5) Carol McLaughlin; (6) Craig Pierson; (7) Daniel Plymon; (8) Deborah Robinett; (9) Betty Roggenkamp; (10) Bette Rosenstein (President); (11) Gary Smith; (12) Matt VanderZee; (13) Robert Wolf; (14) Rob Lott (Vice President); (15) Mina Marien (Secretary); (16) Alan Mueller; (17) Cynthia Mueller; (18) Tony Grief; and (19) Renata Jasinska Laszuk.

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