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RMIA Annual Meeting! October 19 — See Details Below


Join your neighbors at the RMIA Annual Meeting! Wednesday October 19 from 7:00-8:30 PM (via Zoom).

Elect new and returning RMIA Board candidates (see details below) and learn about the new ECPS Ordinance (including how it can help with violence in our community, how the new district councils will work, and how you can get involved).

Sign up for the meeting below:


Current Board Members Running For Re-Election:

  • Bette Rosenstein
  • Betty Roggenkamp
  • Carol McLaughlin
  • Deborah Robinett
  • Doug Farr
  • Gary Smith
  • Matt McClintock
  • Matt VanderZee

New Neighbors Running:

  • Alison MacDonald: Alison is a 15-year Ravenswood Manor resident with three energetic elementary school aged children. Her family has happily participated in many of the kid-friendly RMIA-led activities and events over the years. She is an involved parent and a marketing communications consultant and has contributed her time and skills to Waters Elementary School over the years, most recently as a Local School Council parent member and previously as a WatersToday board member. She is grateful to live in such a wonderful community and would love the opportunity to serve on the RMIA board.
  • Daniel Craig: Dan moved to Ravenswood Manor with his wife in 2016. They are raising their family, and love that their four-year-old has a group of older and younger kids on their block and hope this group will grow even closer in the years to come. They were drawn to Ravenswood Manor because of its reputation as a close-knit community in the middle of all the city. Dan is good at project planning, management, and fundraising, and he even knows how to use Excel pretty well for being a lawyer. He wants to serve on the RMIA to contribute to the work of preserving the wonderful character of the neighborhood while making sure it remains a welcoming place for newcomers.
  • Danielle Defoe: Danielle has been a Ravenswood Manor resident since 2020 along with her partner and dog. She loves the neighborhood and the established, close-knit community and plans to live in the area for many years to come. She volunteers at several different animal rescue organizations and Refugee Community Connection – an organization that is helping resettle refugees in the Chicagoland area. She also enjoys gardening and growing food, and in her day job is a Business Risk Intelligence Analyst for AbbVie Pharmaceuticals. She wants to be more involved with goings on of the neighborhood, improvement efforts, and has done a fair share of event planning.
  • Matthew Muench: Matt has been a Ravenswood Manor resident since January 2022 along with his wife (he lived in Lincoln Square for 10 of the last 12 years). He loves Ravenswood Manor for its history, architecture, friendly neighbors, and how long people stick around the neighborhood. He is the Chief Impact Officer for P33 Chicago, a business-led nonprofit founded in 2019 to grow Chicago’s technology economy in a way that benefits all Chicagoans. Matt is interested in serving on the Board to help keep it a wonderful neighborhood, respectful of the history and the long-time residents, and welcoming to new arrivals.
  • Rob Judd: Robb has lived in Ravenswood Manor for 5 years and his wife, Emily, has lived here over 9 years. He immediately fell in love with the neighborhood (and Emily) when they started dating. Robb and Emily now have a 3 year old son, Will. Robb works in the design and construction industry as a physical accessibility (ADA) consultant which combines his engineering background with his passion for civil rights. His hobbies include woodworking, pickleball, and home renovations/improvements. He is excited to get more involved in maintaining and improving our neighborhood for all its residents by joining the RMIA board.

Craig Pierson (who did a fantastic job as treasurer for many years), Robert Wolf, Daniel Plyman, Andrea Gatewood, and Tony Armour are “retiring” from the RMIA. We thank them all for their efforts over the years! Bette Rosenstein is running for re-election to the board, but is stepping down as President.  We greatly appreciate the hard work that Bette has put into the role and all the things that the RMIA has accomplished under her leadership.

Board Members Running for Officer Roles:

Mina Marien – President (was Secretary), Matthew McClintock – Vice President, Rob Lott – Secretary (was Vice President), and Tony Grief – Treasurer (was already Treasurer).

Last modified: 10/10/2022

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