Welcome to Ravenswood Manor

The RMIA Supports Keeping Ravenswood Manor in a Single Ward


Since 1991 Ravenswood Manor has been part of the 33rd ward. As many of you know, the city is in the process of ward remapping with two proposed maps, one showing RM in the 47th ward and the second showing RM split among the 33rd, 40th, and 47th wards. Neither proposal has enough support in the City Council to pass. The RMIA supports the neighborhood staying in one ward and not being divided between wards. The RMIA has communicated this preference to the alderman of all three wards.

The Rules committee just wrapped up meetings last Friday, and has inactivated the email and links that were used for public comment. The RMIA will be in touch regarding additional steps (and how you can support those if you choose to), likely after some additional discussion with representatives tomorrow (January 28). The City Council has until June to agree on a map and avoid a referendum.

Last modified: 01/27/2022

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