The RMIA is a non-profit association under the laws of Illinois. The RMIA is responsible for having Ravenswood Manor listed on the Nation Register as an Historic District on September 5, 2008. The purpose of the RMIA is:

to promote the welfare of the community in respect to the maintenance and improvement of the physical appearance of the private and public property; the compliance with the laws as applicable to private and public property; the maintenance of facilities with respect to the safety, health and welfare of its residents.

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Volunteer: There are always opportunities for people from the Manor to get involved in the RMIA. For more information, see the volunteers page under “Support” at the menu above.

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Facebook: You can also keep up to date and communicate with your neighbors through the RMIA facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ravenswoodmanor

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Mail: Feel free to contact the RMIA at board@ravenswoodmanor.com or through the mail:
Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association, P.O. Box 25486, Chicago, IL 60625