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Manor Stories: At Play

A neighborhood “Clean Up Campaign” parade down Manor, north of Leland circa 1965. The photo (by Copelin) ran in the Lerner newspapers.

The Ravenswood Manor Centennial Oral History Project

The year 2014 marked the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association (RMIA). The Centennial celebration inspired these oral history interviews conducted with long-term residents and led by Manor resident and historic preservation expert Jim Peters, and Manor resident and researcher Jackie Klein. The interviews were produced in association with StoryCorps, and are archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

Select the links below to listen to short audio clips centered on common themes of the neighborhood. You can also listen to full audio recordings and read brief biographies on the main page. The other curated theme is Bygone Businesses, on its own page, click here.

At Play

Click the links below to listen.

Peggy and John remember playing softball in the alley.

Peggy and John remember going to local movie theaters.

Adrian remembers playing games in the alleys and Buffalo Park

Dick remembers playing by the river.

Beth and Susan remember playing made up games in the alley.

Ruth remembers playing in the Buffalo Fountain.

Ruth remembers playing in vacant lots.

Eileen and Dick remember neighborhood character Anastasia.

Eileen and Dick remember Horner Park.

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