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Tall Tales

Ravenswood Manor Tall Tales and Colorful Characters Tour

This tour brings our neighborhood’s human interest stories to light. The famous people who lived here, the speakeasy past, the vision of the developer, and other tales of the Manor. Enjoy.


This tour was researched and assembled by Debra Desmond and Denise Morris, with assistance from Jackie Klein and the Committee in 2014. The RMIA Centennial Research/Tour Committee led by Athene Carras and Jim Peters gathered resident volunteers to share the history and architecture of Ravenswood Manor in our Centennial year.

The committee was formed and supported by the Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association, founded in 1914, whose purpose is “to promote the welfare of the community in respect to the maintenance and improvement of the physical appearance of the private and public property; the compliance with the laws as applicable to private and public property; the maintenance of facilities with respect to the safety, health and welfare of its residents.”

Download this tour (PDF) click here.

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