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Centennial Homes

Celebrating our 100-year-old houses

Ravenswood Manor was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 5, 2008. Our “Centennial Homes” contribute to the historical character and beauty of the Manor.

As part of our celebration of the Ravenswood Manor Centennial, we developed the Centennial Homes project to recognize the 100-year-old houses in our neighborhood. Each year we welcome a new set of century old houses into the group of Centennial Homes with a letter, certificate, and plaque ordering directions.

These bronze plaques, designed by Manor resident Steve Shanabruch, show pride for Ravenswood Manor and your home, and also educate neighbors as they stroll by. Getting a plaque is entirely up to you.

The most frequent question asked is, “How did you determine the build-year of the houses?” The build-years were professionally determined back in 2008 as part of the National Register application, which relied on the City of Chicago building permit records.

RMIA Centennial Home plaque

How It Works

First, Centennial Homes certificates will be delivered to all households that turned 100 years old. These certificates are suitable for framing. Your packet also includes ordering information for plaques.

Second, homeowners can choose to purchase a bronze Centennial Homes plaque with the build year of their house for display. We hope that homeowners will want to show their pride for Ravenswood Manor and their houses by displaying these plaques.

Third, Manor residents and visitors will see these plaques with the house build years as we walk through our neighborhood, and we will learn a little more about our Historic District.

Download Centennial Homes Documents

1) Plaque Mounting Instructions (PDF)

2) National Register Historic District application, click here. (4.3mb PDF)

3) Ravenswood Manor Historic District report from Granacki Historic consultants, click here. (2.1mb PDF)

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