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LaPointe Park

RMIA is in the process of redeveloping LaPointe Park. For full details, visit the project site at bit.ly/lapointepark or send an email to: lapointepark@ravenswoodmanor.com.

Go Fund Me Campaign: The LaPointe Park Committee is looking for monetary support to further improve LaPointe Park for the Ravenswood Manor community. Funds from this fundraiser will support the costs of fully redesigning the park with proper drainage, appropriate seating, and a new landscape design. Money will also be put towards a fund to keep the park watered and maintained throughout the year, but especially in the initial stages of planting. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated by the volunteers working to make this diamond in the rough a treasure for the surrounding community

Volunteer Opportunities: As work begins this spring, the project team will need the help of volunteers to make improvements and maintain the new elements. If you are interested in helping out, fill in the volunteer interest form, and the team will get back to you as volunteer roles are developed. Go to the volunteer interest form.

LaPoint Park Redevelopment

LaPointe Park sits on a small piece of unbuildable land owned by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and leased by NeighborSpace. It was one of the very first NeighborSpace gardens and has been an open community space since the neighborhood was first developed circa 1914. It has been maintained by the owners of neighboring houses and by the Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association (RMIA). Jump to the Redevelopment Project site here.

In recent years, issues with standing water have minimized the park’s functionality, and the RMIA decided to devote funds to a redesign project. During the 2017-2018 year, a LaPointe Park committee worked with neighbors to create a low-maintenance plan for the park that resolves current issues while still allowing room for small children and families to play. We are happy to have partnered with local landscape architect, Ted Wolff, and landscaping company, Christy Webber, to break ground on the redesign in Spring of 2019.

Previous Conditions

Neighbor Space
Excerpt from the LaPointe Park page at Neighbor Space
“This space is a small park, sitting on a piece of land that’s unbuildable, due to its triangular shape and the water management drain lines located underground. The land is owned by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and leased by Neighbor Space.”

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