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Save our Ashes!

The trees in our neighborhood are at risk and we need your help!

As of 2018, the City of Chicago has decided it will no longer inoculate Ash Trees against the Emerald Ash Borer. This insect is responsible for the loss of tens of millions of untreated ash trees. Our Ravenswood Manor tree canopy is a valuable part of our neighborhood and ash trees make up a substantial part of it. The trees provide shelter and shade, prevent water run-off and are a hallmark feature of historic neighborhoods, providing value and beauty.

As a neighborhood, we would like to protect our valuable resources. There are 99 ash trees on Ravenswood Manor parkways. Some residents may also have ash trees on their private property. Most of our parkway ash trees are still strong and healthy but are in desperate need of protection. We can obtain volume discount pricing of 30-40% on inoculations for the whole neighborhood. An average sized tree will be costs approximately $150 to protect for three years.

The treatment will allow the tree to live a natural lifespan of 150 to 260 years. Appropriate treatment requires an injection every 3 years. Currently, all the trees in our neighborhood are due or overdue.

Inoculations are done in the spring and the discount price is only honored if we inoculate the minimum number of trees. Now is the time to help.

Please consider donating to help protect our trees. There are two ways to make a donation:

  1. Use your Chase QuickPay or Zelle account and reference the email: treasurer@ravenswoodmanor.com
  2. Mail a check payable to “Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association” to our PO Box. Mention “Save Our Ashes” and your address with your check.
    PO Box 25486
    Chicago, IL 60625

Although not everyone has an ash tree, everyone will benefit from our canopy. Losing 99 trees from our neighborhood would be devastating. Please consider donating whether or not you have an ash tree on your property. We are asking that homeowners consider providing a donation to this cause. Donations will be used to help reduce the cost for homeowners needing financial support, assist in inoculating trees that are in our park areas, and help start a fund that will continue to support the protection of our ash trees in the coming years. If you have an ash tree on your parkway, we ask that you consider participating in this program by covering the cost for your tree(s). 

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